“Jonny, boot up FruityLoops. We’re making another Kid A.”
— Thom Yorke (via genuinethomyorkequotes)

What I’m doing now is making the tracks and then using an FM transmitter to broadcast them back, and then tuning into the signal with an old Rotel FM tuner so that I can alter how the strength of the signal is received, and then actually sampling this going in and out of range thing in itself and re-incorporating it into the track. This in itself is steering me down avenues that I would not have explored previously, and I’m at the stage where I have created a track with this in mind, sampled it back with all sorts of treatments and then actually sacked off the track itself and switched over to purely working with the samples of the track. It’s almost an implanted false memory. There’s a particular kind of compression that occurs through the FM process and this has it’s own hazy effect. All of this has been during album sessions for Special Request.

- Paul Woolford


I wrote a thing about Kanye for Pitchfork’s new quarterly, The Pitchfork Review. Here are my two favorite sections of it! You can subscribe to/buy the magazine online or in very few stores I think. 

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“He never sees More – a star in another firmament, who acknowledges him with a grim nod – without wanting to ask him, what’s wrong with you? Or what’s wrong with me? Why does everything you know, and everything you’ve learned, confirm you in what you believed before? Whereas in my case, what I grew up with, and what I thought I believed, is chipped away a little and a little, a fragment then a piece and then a piece more. With every month that passes, the corners are knocked off the certainties of this world: and the next world too.”
— Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall


Why do we post a Four Tet song now? Why can someone even ask that question? The first post on this blog (now deleted), was about that grieving poor drunk girl sitting in McDonalds in Burial’s dystopian London. This girl is the protagonist in Burial’s never-ending night. She “loves you”. She “envied you”. She can’t take her mind off you. She was on the night bus. She is the Lara Croft of Burial’s hypnagogic RPG . 

And so just like many of you nocturnal comrades of Ghost FM, we probed the over-hashtagged argue that Burial equals Kieran Hebden. You remember how hypeworthy the rumor was? But hey! Burial has humbly murdered those ideas twice since then. In his first revelation, despite the sarcastic look at the camera in his hoodie, he promised to make better music in the future. We could not understand that. His returned only a few months ago on his Hyperdub page in which he appeared in a lousy selfie telling how big of a Dark Souls 2 fan he is and that he needs to play that game a lot. [Sighs quietly] So is it really over now? These blokes live two separate lives, right? Because we still so wholeheartedly wanted to play around with that hypothesis.

We are avoiding faulty theories all the time. We dream all the time but we dare not deliver the faulty ones to you. However, we can still share our doubts. We admit there was this fleeting but dominant moment when “Gong” started rotating for the first time. You are with us on this perhaps. Is Hebden playing the biggest of mind games in music history with millions of us? The girl is back. This time on a Four Tet song. She has traveled from “Distant Lights” to “Archangel” to “Ghost Hardware” and now she is once again crying her lost future sorrow out on Beautiful Rewind. She once sat on an Inland Empire sample and she might come from Burial’s favorite video games. But now she has revealed herself on a Four Tet song. And it strangely binds the two together. Holy non-existent prophet of cyberrealm! This is a Burial song. But it is not. Let us not take that path. The cyberspace is already enough confusing.

But we are not alone here. burialisfourtet.com has now taken the argue to another level claiming Burial is not even the Hyperdub-claimed William Emanuel Bevan.

If the Internet is the sole source left to proving whether or not information that allegedly proves Burial’s identity as ‘William Bevan’ is misinformation or accurate, then we argue that the alleged information is not proven at all.

Once again, let us not be deluded by a string of characters. Truth be told, we do not even want a Burial we know. The unknown Burial is the best mystique we have played in our headphones for almost seven years now. And may it forever stay that way. So you heard nothing from us. This post has never existed. This post is dead as Dick Laurent!